Thursday, September 30, 2004

POP! a RAT see?!

photo, originally uploaded by seamonkeylifeboat.

these little fuckers are everywhere. (oh yeah, I'm supposed to capitalize because laureL doesn't so you can tell us apart--I'm the boy). I swear to goodness, anytime you go to a party with Rajeev or Rohan, even a private little birthday party, there are more guys with cameras than there are guests. in your face. Laurel is always hiding from them so they keep on taking pictures hoping that she'll open her eyes and they'll get the most beautiful woman in Mumbai on CCD.

We were on a trance truck for the Ganpati festival--kind of mini love parade that a couple of muslim dj's put on to counter the Hindu Nationalist overtones that the celebration has been taking on recently. It wasn't very big, and the cameras were everywhere. I went on a counter attack and started flashing them (with my camera) as quickly as the flash could charge. There were too many of them. I was overwhelmed and out-gunned in the ensuing melee. The more I flashed, the more excited they got.

Well, here's to you boys. You may not have put my picture in the paper, but I put yours on the web.

(the woman on the right is Valerie, Sula's french winemaker)


Blogger Scott said...

Hahahaha...That guy in the front has the same camera as I do. When you guys get back I'll be sure to paparazzi you two so you can make the transition a little less abruptly.

9:51 AM  
Blogger valerie said...

I was finding your blog great until I came across that picture !!!!!
What if I don't want to be a celebrity !!!!! I'm never taking you again to the circus !!!!
Your life in London is going to be boring without the paparazzi !

12:12 AM  

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