Monday, December 13, 2004

glass lifting

glass downstairs, originally uploaded by seamonkeylifeboat.

a small area for merchandising got added after we'd started the intial design, so we created what we've been referring to as 'the crystal palace.' basically its such a small area, and with a wierdly downsloping roof, that we decided to make it all out of green tinted glass to make it less claustrophobic and emphasize the translucence and sparkle of glasses and bottles sold within. even the shelves will be green glass now that we've found the right guy with the right optically clear adhesive to glue them directly to the glass walls. as you come up the stairs you'll see through the outside of the little room through varying thicknesses of glass, giving depth and color but still showing whatever is displayed from both sides. we were fortunate, after much searching and arguing that our idea IS possible, to find a guy right here in Nasik who was confidant and willing to do the job. here are some of his crew lifting the glass walls up to the next floor.


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