Sunday, September 19, 2004


boy, originally uploaded by seamonkeylifeboat.

the winery we're designing the tasting room for is in Nasik, about 4-7 hours depending on road condition from Mumbai. it's good to get out of the crowded conditions and air pollution of mumbai now and then and spend some time in the comfy guest house on the property while we have meetings with architects, etc., on site.
the day i took this pic we went for a little hike, followed by the guest house puppies in all their rolypoly mud splashing poo eating glory. we passed cows (they call them cows but they're sure not american cows, i think we'd call them zebu according to a book i bought) with egrets on their backs and herds of water buffalo. this boy was standing with an umbrella watching over the herd and singing - i tried to record the sound with my camera but just got the wind whistling. we hiked past a meditation center and up to a small run down temple where an old man in a baggy lungi (kinda like a cloth diaper) who was breaking rocks with a sledgehammer yelled at us, maybe for approaching the temple wearing shoes, we weren't sure. we walked through replanted forest area owned by the village and saw lots of colorful butterflies. the puppies rolled down a steep hill we climbed down, just rustling grass and an occasional glimpse of ears-tail-feet-ears sliding by.....
nice. except for the part where we tried to get the puppies not to eat piles of human poo behind the winery construction workers shacks. that was pretty gross.


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