Thursday, September 30, 2004

clownyclownclown - A TALE OF TWO CIRCUSSESESZZ

clownyclownclown, originally uploaded by seamonkeylifeboat.

one night in nasik we were invited to the circus with two french friends currently living there. suprisingly, we recognized a few midgets and dwarf clowns. POPULAR OPINION IS THAT NASIK IS BORING, BUT THEY DON'T KNOW. . . these were internationally known midgets from the famed documentary,'starkiss: circus girls in india.' THERE WEREN'T ANY CLOWNS THAT LOOKED LIKE THIS, THERE WERE MOSTLY SAD CLOWNS. small sad deformed clowns. THEY WERE MOSTLY MIDGETS OR DWARVES WHO DON'T HAVE TOO MANY JOB OPTIONS, AND A KID WITH A BIG ADAM'S APPLE WHO HAD HIS BOWTIE TIED AROUND IT. and they had hunchbacks and bowlegs and hit each other with bats. THEY DIDN'T HIT EACHOTHER THAT HARD WITH THE BATS, THE BAT HAD A SPLIT IN IT THAT THEY WEDGED A ROCK IN SO IT WOULD MAKE A SLAPPING SOUND--ONE TIME THE ROCK FELL OUT AND IT DIDN'T MAKE THE SOUND AND THE CLOWN THAT GOT SPANKED RUBBED HIS ASS FOR REAL. there were lots of butt jokes. and camels. there were camels and elephants. ONE ELEPHANT GOT DRUNK AND FELL DOWN AND THEN ANOTHER ELEPHANT THAT WAS DRESSED LIKE A DOCTOR CAME AND LISTENED TO ITS SIDE WITH A STETHOSCOPE AND IT WAS MIRACULOUSLY CURED AND EVERYBODY CLAPPED--WELL WE CLAPPED. another -or maybe it was the same in a different outfit- hit a soccer ball with a cricket bat and knocked over people and chairs in the audience. REVENGE IS SWEET MO FO'S, THAT'LL TEACH YOU NOT TO CLAP FOR THE GOOD DOCTOR. SHEEIT. the animals seemed well treated enough, though - the three dalmations leaping through rings of fire were terribly overweight. IT LOOKED LIKE MA, PA AND BABY SHARED THE SAME PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS AND GREAT GRANDPARENTS IF YOU KNOW WHAT WE MEAN. i learned that camels are strangely graceful when they pirouette. I KIND OF HAD THE HOTS FOR THE LITTLEST ONE, BUT THERE WERE ALSO A LOT OF INTERESTING TRAINED PEOPLE IN THE CIRCUS WHO DID ACROBATICS AND CRAZY THINGS WITH BALLOONS AND CUPS AND PLATES AND BUCKETS OF WATER. especially buckets of water - this one guy can drink about 2 buckets and then spray it back out his mouth like a firehose. IT WAS FREAKY, BUT HE'D BE A GOOD MAN TO HAVE AROUND WHEN YOUR CIRCUS TENT CAUGHT ON FIRE. i wish i could do circus tricks on a fixed wheel bike like them..... WHO SAYS NASIK IS BORING. I HOPE THE CIRCUS NEVER LEAVES.

this was an exercise in joint posting. one of us wrote in caps and one didn't. can you guess who was eating popcorn.


Blogger Scott said...

Yay for freaky Circuses (Circusii?) Laurel ate popcorn and frowned at the clowns. Andy laughed at the butt jokes, and made eyes at the hot camel. That's my guess.

11:15 AM  
Blogger primco said...

can't you guys get your own logins and post as separate people? doesn't blooger allow that?

4:26 PM  
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