Thursday, November 04, 2004

loLo gets political

My big hope for America. Oh boy. I can only hope that this is a phase we’re going through that will end in us becoming a country that understands that we’re part of the international community and our actions have consequences. My own naivety admitted freely and allowed for, I hold onto a shred of trust, however slim, that my country is reacting to a violent smack upside the head with fear and stubborn close-mindedness that will fade into a willingness to work with the rest of the world as the next stage of maturity sets in. Reactionary violence occurs throughout the world and can’t be stopped by making more enemies. In the past 4 months I’ve spent time with Irish, French, and English people as well as many, many Indians and read newspapers in both India and England. The sentiment is overwhelmingly anti-Bush and anti-American policy. Bush’s intellect and cowboy posturing is almost daily the object of media ridicule, hatred, and fear. Everyone asks us how our country could do this, how we can act this way. We joke among ourselves that we’re moving to Canada or Mexico instead of coming home but I do love and believe in my country and am more likely to move to Ohio to try and make a difference. But GODDAM people, who forgot to teach americans to think about a bigger picture than their fear and dumbass pride? If we can't be better than this there's nothing to be proud of anymore.


Blogger Americansoul said...

America is a Republic with states that are United both by its people and its Constitution. What the world may think is not what a free country uses to guide its place in the world. What a newspaper or prejudiced media propagates is not what guides America within the world. What guides the American people is their heart and that dictates the countries direction and policy. It is far more simple than many Anti-American, Former Communist thinking twisted leftovers from the Cold War, might believe as to what guides the Americans into the future. Envy of America is what guides the world and socialist thinking people and countries, and a few Goverments. Envy and the lack of love is what guides Militant Islamic Radical Terrorist, into hating Americans enough to fly planes full of fellow human beings into skyscrapers. The simplicity of seeing good and evil in perspective is even understood by a child. A people are free by strength of resolve to defend that freedom and freedom will be defended, even if the world does not understand. Freedom is not free. It has a price many are not willing to pay. After the evil of World War II was revealed to the world many could still not understand why or what was the root of the reason war was fought until victory. One person wrote that the lack of empathy was true evil. We are here, and we understand from our shoes only slightly the world opinion in their shoes. Over there we have been in many countries spilling our blood with others to defend freedom for many, both today, and by those who walked in my fathers fathers shoes. I have not walked in your shoes but now you might know only slightly what it may be like walking in an Americans shoes, but only slightly.


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Blogger Meredith said...

umm...she is American.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Americansoul says: "Envy and the lack of love is what guides Militant Islamic Radical Terrorist, into hating Americans".

This kind of thinking is exactly what perpetuates our stereotype to the rest of the world. Congrats.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's a sad day when that...passes for a critique, that response full if phrases about freedom not being free and the like. funny (not really, what i mean is ironic) how everyone involved thinks they are taking a resolute stand against evil, both domestically and internationally, anyone notice that? we almost have 2 countries here, ourselves, because we sure as hell are not willing to listen to the other side, and i am no different. who cares what the president of Jesusland says? I am an American! That said, lets all just do what we can to have intelligent conversations with the few receptive sets of ears we may find, i promise to be one of them...-gage

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