Wednesday, October 27, 2004

ye olde english

english peeps on train, originally uploaded by seamonkeylifeboat.

I couldn't help myself. I tried. I tried for quite some time, but the train ride from Michelle's place in Egham to London was just too long and I didn't have anything to read and I was bored and I kept looking at this old gent's scowling mug and finally I just had to do it. I took his picture. It's a tribute. It takes a lifetime to get the corners of your mouth to turn down just so. . .so . . .so English I guess. The lady next to him wasn't too bad either. They weren't together. I enjoyed my little stay in old blighty. I enjoyed all the peculiar old characters we'd find telling stories of being chased by squirrels in the park or just meandering about wearing funny hats with flowers. I think England has a higher density of these characters than many places. . .except maybe the passengers of our plane ride home.

There were a lot of old Indian folks on our 747. There was a whole posse of really old guys wearing wooly hats pulled down real low with just the front rolled up a little so their eyes could peer out. One of them had the grumpiest look I had ever seen. He made this guy look like the homecoming queen in the homecoming day parade. The other ones had the uncomprehending, slightly blissed out looks that only really old people can have and wandered about the cabin at random.

Nobody can trash a plane like a group of Indians.


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