Saturday, January 29, 2005

my new rajasthani mustache and a dream

This is a photo of my new mustache. I met this famous Indian actor name Amir Khan who had a very sporty stache. He was a nice guy and I had just been planning to shave my deliverance mustache, so instead I just shaved part of it. Now people look at me and say Amir Khan which is funny because I look less like an american but people here pronounce it ameerican which is very similar. Ha ha ha get it. Yah. Okay.
So I had a very lucid dream before I had the mustache. Here it is. Now this is like a real blog where we share our inner secrets and post them for the world to see and then look hurt if someone makes fun of you or talks about it at a cocktail party.
A Dream
It begins in a giant shopping mall. I'm shopping with a couple of women and 2 gay guys who all seem to be friends of mine. We are looking for a present for someone. I think it's somebody's birthday or wedding. The store is immense and we keep going from room to room filled with racks of cloths and dishware and towels and all manner of stuff. It seems endless, sometimes the rooms are cavernous and lit with fluorescent lighting, sometimes they are a series of small rooms with openings between them . We go through one door and find ourselves in the middle of a huge auditorium facing a giant movie screen. The auditorium is at least a football field in size, maybe two and already filled with people. We find some seats and sit down to wait for the movie. We wait for quite a while and then somewhere in front of us an old woman stands up and begins to sing a song of unrequited teenage love. As she's singing I begin to hear a voice in my head. It is an ominous male voice narrating a story. It's own story about wanting to destroy the world. It is searching for a body to take over. As he is narrating, we approach a middle age man in a suit and hat. It goes momentarily dark and then I hear a struggle between the man and beast. There is the sound of a door opening and someone screaming as they are kicked out. The door closes. The voice mutters 'Goodbye sucker' and now me and the evil guy are inside the man's head, staring out through his eyes. I understand that the man's soul has been kicked out of his body.
So now my viewpoint is through the body's eyes. The voice is narrating. We walk through a strange house and into the garage. Now all I have to do is get to the office, get inside and find the weapon access codes. We get into an old, meticulously maintained 50's land yacht that reminds me vaguely of my grandma Hope's old car. Now we're driving. We approach a military compound. If only they see my pass, I'll be through the gate and on my way. We approach the guard and the body holds up a pass while looking at the passenger seat so that the guard can't tell that the body has turned invisible. I guess without a soul the body still exists, but the face can't be seen. The guard waves us through and we drive a little farther and park the car.. We walk to the edge of a steep rocky slope. There is a steep and craggy path down to a concrete building about 500' down. It's the man's office. In the middle of the slope, a large dead oaklike tree stretches out from the slope face. Our walk down is slow and vertiginous and the voice is slightly manically repeating it's plan. All of a sudden I feel a push from behind. I am left standing on the slope as the body with the evil guy inside falls away from me. As it falls, it hits s tree branch and the head pops off. All of as sudden there are hundreds of wooden looking heads wearing fedoras falling with the body towards the compound below. The body lands, and the heads land like a bunch of nuts shaken from a tree. When I look again, the body is gone and there are the fallen bodies of a boy and a girl. As I stare down I realize that the body of the girl is body of the old lady in the theater in her youth. All of a sudden I am back in the shopping mall with the two gay guys. They are still looking for a present.
Then I wake up and take a leak. Did I mention I had a flu and had taken some cough syrup with codeine in it?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dood...nice 'stache. seriously. and no one comments on the dream? can i hire you to dream for me, or at least help remember them in such lurid detail?? wild!


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