Wednesday, January 12, 2005

spot the dolphin

dolphin, originally uploaded by seamonkeylifeboat.

one day we took a 'no dolphin no pay' boat trip from near our house that motored around the bay for a few hours. we all sort of expected our guide to point at a distant black shape and claim it to be a dolphin sighting or some terrible reject mechanical dolphin to flounder by. it actually turned out to be a great trip, the guide was a lot of fun, there was free beer and goan bbq, we finally got to see the other side of the shore across our river, inmates waved at us from the local prison (ok, that part was kinda strange, especially when we found out that some of our new mumbai friends had spent some time there), and we all took dozens of pictures of brownish green water right after beautiful pinkish gray dolphins leaped through it. we saw lots of them, tossing fish in the air, jumping and even doing sort of backflips, sometimes pretty close to the boat. then on the flight back to mumbai we could see them far below in the ocean as we rose above the ocean, a nice parting sight from goa.


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