Saturday, January 29, 2005

plans plans plans

so we're off tomorrow early morning for rajasthan, we get back the day before the tastingroom opening party, then 3 days in mumbai and we come home. where did time go? why didnt i learn hindi and take yoga? how will i ever describe the immense emotional, visual, emotional, world shaking, auditory, humongous experience this all has been to people who ask politely at parties?
we'll be home (though, personally, i'll have lived longer in india than in SF) on feb 24th. we have an art show in mid march to prep for so will be pretty distracted for the first 3 weeks but then y'all gots to come help us readjust. and you must cook delicious food for us because we are thin now. we'll post rajasthan pics (camel safari! tigers! mustaches!) asap when we get back to mumbai but won't have a lot of internet access between now and then. stay tuned......


Anonymous Anonymous said...

just wanted the 2 of you to know that i've thoroughly enjoyed your blog. thanks for documenting your experience so vividly for the vicarious enjoyment of the rest of us. the tasting room looks really nice. based on your earlier postings about the hand-tools and communication challenges involved, i was anxious to see how it would turn out. good luck with the rest of your stay.
brian schmitt

9:48 PM  

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