Thursday, October 07, 2004

picture request - guy who likes me best?

guy who likes me best, originally uploaded by seamonkeylifeboat.

Picture request from Primco: the guy who likes me best? Well, Andy likes me best (next to the inflatable moose head we brought from SF as a housewarming present) and Raja, our housemate Rohan's man Friday, likes Andy best. Oops, I mean Andy-Sa'ib. Here's Raja in his new disco shirt - we're friendlier than most of the people he's had to wait on so he shows us all his new clothes and family photos and shares his cell phone excitement with us. The man is a ring tone junkie - cell phones are the game boys of the serving class here. It's a status symbol and toy more than tool - he spends a lot of time every day playing little games on it and going through the ring tones one after another. After another after another after... Technology amazes him. He's from Bihar, which is one of the most poor, violent and dangerous areas in India. They call beheading 'shortening' there. Raja, though, is all smiles and playfulness. I only worry that he doesn't get out enough, basically locked in the marble palace we call home with only the Irish setter and us for company. He likes to watch us work, probably out of boredom as much as comprehending what we're doing on the computers (see picture of our living room), which was a little weird at first. Andy is his hero because he's a sahib who is nice to him and takes his picture to print out on the printer.
Like most non-socialites here, he always makes a serious face for photos even though he's usually laughing and smiling. Sometimes he'll look very serious and do a gangster style pose for the camera.


Blogger primco said...

Ahh, to be adored. Thank you. That's perfect. Rad shirt.

I don't need to promote my writing -- you've already done a nice job; but I do have a similar set of observations about servants: Brrrickfist sah?

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