Saturday, November 06, 2004

Guess who's birthday it is

rohan's b-day w laurel, originally uploaded by seamonkeylifeboat.

Why yes, it's Rohan's birthday. The proud little boy on the left, and guess who just realized its not their birthday so they don't get any presents? Well it's a trick question really, neither laureL or the moose head will get any presents on this day.

This event actually happened before London, but I haven't downloaded any new pictures from my camera and I figured I ought to post something since laureL's been doing all the work and taking all the heat from the right wingers with poor reading comprehension skills and a bit too much righteousness on their side (see the comments of her political rant). Really this picture is just an invitation for me to splutter and mutter for a few minutes so you know that I too am still alive and haven't been eliminated and replaced by an inflatable doll with a baseball hat and 3 day stubble who protects wimin from car jackings and the like. Though this post may be the only thin shield of evidence you have against this theory.

What to say? The winery is coming along nicely. It makes a huge differnce to be able to put down the dog-eared, tattered printouts of computer renderings of the space we have been waving around for the past 3 months and actually see the place resolve itself and life size, 3-D, full surround design. I think it is not going to suck. I think, in fact, it is going to be really cool. I, which means probably laureL, will post more pictures as it progresses. Everything here is done by hand. People cut sheets of plywood with a hand saw and then hand plane them to their final dimension. The only power tools on site are one small circular saw and a power drill, but they are cranking it out. Everything looks a little rough right now, so it's going to all come down to the polish at the end, but I think they will pull it off.


As laureL posted, and maybe I did too but I can't remember because now I am old, the show was poorly publicised and, therefore, lightly attended. Let's just say we made a major "investment" in our art careers. I did get a piece into a show that had just started at the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art that includes such art rockstars as Damien Hirst, Fred Tomaselli and Mr. Murakami (I think his first name is Takashi). You know the guy. There are also 3 New York galleries of repute that expressed interest ind doing a show (which ain't bad either), and Black and White Magazine out of Australia (I'm not sure if there is more than one magazine with this name) is supposedly doing a big spread on the "Everybody is Somebody's Terrorist" Series this month. If you see it, let me know how it looks.

ps. We think the lurker is Susannah(#1 choice), followed by Dave or Antje or Michelle. Did we guess it? This is a response to the comment posted to the Comments post. Capiche?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

andy...GOOD news! congrats! I think that's good, esp, the galleries and the magazine spread. that pic with the moose head is one of the more surreal things i have seen lately. i'll keep looking for the magazine article, that will be exciting, as i think that you have a rare and gift: the ability to make political art that is both smart and funny, and that ability has probably never been more timely! keep up the good work, chief.--gage

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