Monday, November 08, 2004


after a sunny morning and a dry but thundery overcast afternoon, e few lightning blasts have opened up the sky into a full torrential downpour here in nasik. i know it's bad for the grapes (hey, Wil, you know the line), them in the midst of flowering here, but it smells absolutely gorgeous. andy and i went out onto the patio for a bit and watched a happy toad hop by one of the garden lights, soaking up the water so that he can pee on me again the next time i pick him up (he holds about 1/4 cup as far as i can tell, quite impressive.) the guesthouse lights keep going out and lightning flickers every minute or so. it's beautiful.
there was about a week in mumbai when there was lightning every evening across the bay, sometimes branching over 1/4 of the horizon and flickering every 30 seconds or more. we sat in our window, 7 stories up so with a good view, and watched. sometimes bats, which have 2 foot wingspans here, flew below us. if they get between you and a streetlight you can see right through their wings for a split second before they all but disappear again.


Blogger Scott said...

Wow that sounds awesome. Especially the frog-peeing-in-your-hand part. We've gotten a lot of lightning here this year, but nothing like that.

2:37 PM  

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