Sunday, December 19, 2004

india is great

india is great, originally uploaded by seamonkeylifeboat.

an example of the painting that's done on the trucks - most are bright colors with 'horn OK please' painted on the back in large letters (sometimes so stylized it's hard to read, with palm trees and waterfalls painted inside the letters) and 'stop' painted over the left side rear light, sometimes actually OVER the light so that if it's a working brake light you'd never know. eyes are painted on gas cap covers, devil-like 'evil guy' faces are painted on to scare away other evil guys, small painted chains are hung in rows from the bumpers to create a jingling fringe, doors have stamped tin panels with scenes and gods on them....


Blogger Scott said...

All the truck pictures are great. I'll be expecting your help in decorating the boat when you get back.

9:55 AM  

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