Friday, December 17, 2004


dragonfly, originally uploaded by seamonkeylifeboat.

you can tell who has ahold of the internet connection when all the animal pics appear... we escaped from the winery grounds for a little hike last week and walked around a nearby pond admiring water buffalo submerged but for their noses, goats and their herders, weaver bird nests, etc.. the air in nasik is filled with dragonflies right now, swarms of them all pointing the same direction in the breeze as they hover in the vineyards and birds swoop down from electrical wires to catch them.
the winery construction crew members are all pretty amused by my interactions with animals, whether it's playing with the half wild puppies that live by their shacks, taking the covers off the landscaping lights at night so they shine up in the trees and i can see the bats, taking pictures of bugs and stopping to watch birds..... but then, all i have to do is walk by to make them laugh, so i'm not too worried about ruining my reputation.


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