Tuesday, December 14, 2004

the one who loves me

buffalo, originally uploaded by seamonkeylifeboat.

maybe not best, but this water buffalo took a shine to me recently. We were checking out the front of the winery to think about ways to landscape the entry when the guys at the water buffalo milking farm across the dirt road starting talking to us over the fence. Maybe talking at, around, up and down is more like it since we no speaka da language. Since we weren't really sure what they wanted, but they seemed friendly and we were looking for something to do, we walked into water buffalo land. Those dudes (ettes) are big and shiny and goofy. The guy who called us in came out to greet us and led us into a milking shed. We walked past this character here and laureL said this girl was checking me out. I looked back and sure enough, she was. She was even drooling a little. Very flattering. As we were taking pictures of the guy milking his water buffalo, I kept looking back. You know how it is when you think someone is checking you out so you keep looking to see if they are or not which only encourages them more because they think you are looking at them? Yeah. Like that. So finally, feeling slightly uncomfortable, we took her photo and the photo of the two little dirt faced kids who were staring at us with that mixture of awe and fear usually reserved for martians and got back to work. . . and you should too.


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