Tuesday, November 16, 2004


punkr stencil, originally uploaded by seamonkeylifeboat.

I'm sorry, I don't have any recent photos to post so I'm still drawing from photos of London.

photo. text. photo. text. photo. text.

blogging is kind of cool, but quite a restrictive format for those of us to lazy to write our own code or sumpin.

Anyway, I don't know about th rolled up trousers and shirt cuffs with no sleeves (actually that's kind of cool and I would have probably done it at some point in my life if I'd thought of it.) This is just a random stencil in London that made me feel loved.

We just took a holiday trip to Goa for a week. We rented motorbikies (plurals when you make words up can be tricky) and split our time between obese Swedish and English retirees and Israeli trance heads. Kind of like shacking your head back and forth real fast while your watching television--kind of cool and weird and stupid(if anyone is watching you). Anyway, riding a motorcycle in Goa is much more mellow than Bombay, but by no means a Sunday drive. I learned a lot about cows for instance. Cows respect trucks and buses. They begrudgingly acknowledge cars. Motorcycles are smaller than cow size and are therefore insignificant. I watched laureL get completely cut off by a cow who decided to cross the street for a split second before I had to avoid a head on with a taxi passing a bus passing a bike passing a large reddish Swedish woman with western notions about personal space in a land with no sidewalks. She might have been English. Some of my scariest moments involved driving through herds of cows.

We spend one night following the trance train. Huge regattas of motorcycles going from one place to another, trying not to be the last one in the parking lot when the Goan police roll through to hassle anyone too messed up (or more likely, with enough of a conscience) not to ride. That's how we ended up joining in--we were just going to wander down to the beach when a crowd of people left the club we were near because it closed at 10. The police came and started asking us what we were doing and what was wrong and looking at us very suspiciously, so we did what any innocent bystander would do, we split.

It was a fun(ny) night. The trance scene seems to live on in the collective minds of the Israeli youth and some 50+ year old hippies. I spent a bit of time hanging out with 3 Life of Brian style Israeli Jesi (plural of Jesus?) aww. battery is dying. gotta post. end of story.


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