Friday, November 26, 2004

hindi for industrialists

we bought a book of hindi phrases. unfortunately we unknowingly picked up the one written for.....well.not us, anyway:

repeat after me:
may-rah bun-dook laow (bring my gun)
mayrah bun-dook lay challo - bun-dook key nah-lee doos-ree ta-ruff karo (carry my gun - face the barrel the other way)
maiyn batack cub maar suck-tah hoohn? (where can i shoot a duck?)
tum bud-maash ho (you are a rascal)
up-nay dostohn ko iddar mutt laow ( don't bring your friends here)
moojay toom-ha-rah dung pasand na-heehn (i dont like your manner)
up-nay cup-ray bud-dull lo (change your clothes)
may-ree luck-ree lay aow (fetch my stick)
ya tash-taree saaf na-heehn high (this plate is not clean)
up-nee angoolee-ahn iss-say doo-r ruck-oh (keep your fingers off it)

making friends will be so much easier now.....


Blogger Scott said...

Funny, I've been thinking I need to try these out in english more often too.

8:14 AM  

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